Monday hero: Fritz Baumgarten

It's time to confess to another of my 'Guilty Pleasures':

I must admit I'm a sucker for the 'gemütliche' fairytale-world of the German illustrator

Fritz Baumgarten (1883-1966).

When I was little we always had an advent calendar at this time of year.

Never one with chocolates or gifts, always one with little drawings behind the doors.

And I must also confess that I still have one every year! It is getting harder and harder to find ones I like and haven't had before (yes, I also keep them) but I've managed so far!

But I never seem to find these lovely Baumgarten ones again...


Reactie schrijven

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    Allison Newby (zaterdag, 02 december 2017 14:32)

    I love these Advent calendars. They are so fun. I have never seen one before today but I know I've been missing out. They are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. :) Happy holidays to you and yours!