April, first week

A very cold first week of April, with snow and hail.

Cuckoo flowers are named after Pentacost here in the Netherlands, but always flower around Easter.


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End of March, start of April

A week that saw both winter and summer, and March and April.


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Pilatus' wife

I made this illustration for a performance/concert based on a story by Dutch author Imme Dros about the wife of Pilatus: Claudia Procula.

I based the image on presumed portraits of her.


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March, fourth week

I haven't thought of it in time, so now it is over a year since I started my daily series of (nature) drawings.

Above right is the first one, a Hellebore done on March 18 2020.

Back then I thought it would be a nice pick-me-up for the weeks in lockdown, but after 100 drawings I thought it enough. Later, on the island of Terschelling in september, I got the itch again and haven't stopped since. Not always nature, sometimes objects.

How long I will keep this up?

I don't know, there's lots coming up in the garden already...


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March, third week

A week where the Forsythia started to bloom, you got to keep the pencil you voted with, it was much colder again, and I had an outing for the first time in ages:

I joined a friend on a trip to a nursery, where I bought more daffodils -ofcourse-..

But I painted some of them right away.


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March, second week

Celandine flowers all over the garden, all branches are in bud.

Forsythia is nearly out. Next week?


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'A cricket in my sleepingbag'

This book of nature poems by Suzanne Wetering is about to be published here in Holland.

I did the illustrations for this book with great pleasure.

The book roughly follows the seasons, and is aimed at the whole family.


Een krekel in mijn slaapzak, Querido Amsterdam 2021, € 14,99

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March, first week

Although there is a thin layer of ice on our small pond this morning, spring has definitely arrived!

The old prunus even has its first sprinkling of pale pink blossom.

I celebrate by picking tiny posies from the garden, by pruning the buddleias and by sowing seeds indoors.

And by making these watercolours ofcourse.


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February, fourth week

In this last week of February, it really looks like winter is behind us.

The whole garden is awake, and all the birds are singing.

Yesterday I worked in the garden and cleaned the windows, so yes, it must be spring!


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February, third week

The weather has changed to springlike.

The tulip and daffodil are shop bought as yet, but the little pansies came from under the snow unharmed.


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