Zebedeus' wondrous journey around the world

Zebedeus starts his journey around the world today at Wilco printers in Amersfoort.

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Hard at work!

I am so sorry I seem to forget to update my website these days!

(I regularly post on Instagram though)

It just means I'm hard at work illustrating a 'new' book about Zebedia bear, where he goes in search of the end of the world. This story was first published some 30 years ago, and is now undergoing a remake to be published next spring as a prequel to this years book, roughly called Zebedia and the game of the goose, that had its second edition out, and was one of the books to get special attention at the Frankfurt bookfair last week.

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Today I changed one of the walls in my studio, and hung only portraits this time.

Beside portraits I made earlier, in acrylics and in colour pencil, there are five 15 x 15 cm children's portraits in template print, from an ongoing series I am working on. There will certainly be more.

Ofcourse all work is for sale, please contact me if interested.

Don't forget to give your own email address so I can send an email back.



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small portrait

In the series small portraits: 'Girl'


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new portrait series

I have started a new series of small printed portraits, each measuring 15 x 15 cm, in an edition of 9.

More portraits will follow.

It might not always be clear, as I am extremely bad at keeping up a webshop, but ofcourse I make all my work to sell. Please send me a message if interested.

The prints above are € 60,- each.


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Zebedeus at the printers

Today we were at the printers, Wilco in Amersfoort, with Monique from the publishers, to see our new book Zebedeus en het ganzenbord van Wisse being printed.

It is looking gorgeous, and will be for sale from May 26.


I love everything about the printers by the way, from the enormous machines to the stacks of paper and linens!


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Illustrators exhibition

From 27 january till 2 april there is an exhibition of Dutch children's book illustrators in Bredevoort at cultuurcentrum De Koppelkerk.

There are works by 12 illustrators, including myself.

The exhibition is open friday to sunday, 11.00 till 17.00.


De Koppelkerk

Koppelstraat 35

7126 AG Bredevoort

the Netherlands


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Small X-mas leporellos

I found some copies in the back of my cupboard of two small leporellos I made a long time ago as X-mas cards. The upper one is 'The Boar's Head Carol', the one below is 'In the Bleak Midwinter'.

I decided to sell them now for € 10,- each.

Send me a message if interested.



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Christmas cards

The X-mas cards of watercolors of X-mas ornaments that I had printed last year are for sale again now. For the reduced price of € 10,- per set of six.

I also still have some sets of the botanical cards I also had printed.

€ 17,50 if you buy (any) two sets, € 25,- for 3 sets.


I also came across two small prints I made years ago, one the carol 'In the Bleak Midwinter', the other the 'Boar's Head carol'. They were handprinted in a  small edition, and I have some copies left for € 10,- each. They can also be sent as cards.


Send me a message if interested, please include your address.


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White Ravens 2022

Our picturebook Stork was chosen as one of the WHITE RAVENS 2022.

the Internationale Jugendbibliothek in München selects children's books worldwide every year that they think are worthy of special attention at the bookfair in Frankfurt this autumn, and the children's bookfair in Bologna next spring.


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