Rododendron and Magnolia

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Daisy and Dandelion

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Monday hero: Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Clive Hicks-Jenkins (1951) is a Welsh artist.

He started his career as a choreographer and stage director but nowadays works as an artist and illustrator, often inspired by fables, legends and folk tales.

He made the beautiful sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Hansel and Gretel, of which there also is a toy theatre version.

His work is at once angular and soft, and his colours are beautiful.


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Inside and out

Two more plantstudies.

The Kalanchoe on the left is a houseplant, a 'çhild' from one a friend of mine has.

Propagating is easy: if you put a leaf on the turf, small plants will form along its outline!

The Erysium is from the front garden, and flowers for most of the year.


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Monday hero: Leon Morrocco

Leon Morrocco (Edinburgh 1942) is the eldest son of Alberto Morrocco, another Scottish painter I admire.

I love the colorful work by both painters.

Leon Morrocco even makes Arbroath harbour look almost mediteranian.

Morrocco studied in Scotland and Milan, and lectured in Scotland and Australia.

Since 1991 he lives in Britain again.


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I drew this little dianthus or gillyflower some years ago in Italy, near Florence.

I chose it today because we should be traveling to Bologna now, to visit the Children's Books Fair that is held there every year in spring.

Every year except this year...


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Another pelargonium, but totally different from The Beast, that I posted on March 26.

This one is very modest, with tiny white flowers not even a centimetre across.

The leaves are scented. I believe it was sold to me as apple scent.

It is not unpleasant, if vaguely medicinal.


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This little plant grows all over my garden.

So I know it very well, but it proved very hard to draw.


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Not even my houseplants escape their turn to be portrayed.

On the left the Pelargonium I call 'The Beast', as it grows to almost monstrous proportions if left unchecked. I have taken numerous cuttings already.

On the right Begonia Angel Wings (?). The flowers are like the tiny pink double shells you find on the beach.


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These are grasses I drew on Terschelling island in 2016


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