February, fourth week

In this last week of February, it really looks like winter is behind us.

The whole garden is awake, and all the birds are singing.

Yesterday I worked in the garden and cleaned the windows, so yes, it must be spring!


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February, third week

The weather has changed to springlike.

The tulip and daffodil are shop bought as yet, but the little pansies came from under the snow unharmed.


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February, second week

Last week I hopefully started on a series of early spring plants, this week I had to deal with whatever stuck out above the snow.

And although it is a beautiful, thick white carpet, luckily some things did stick out.

I'm curious what next week will bring..


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New prints

Made two new prints lately.

The one on the left is a landscape near here, at Tienhoven, where I often walk and cycle.

The print on the right is a memory, based on a photo I came across, of time spent in Duntulm, on the most northern tip of the isle of Skye.


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February, first week

This past week spring seemed to be around the corner, and in our garden ( and in the case of the Winter Honeysuckle someone else's garden, sorry) there was plenty young green stuff to draw.

It looks like I might have to dig in the snow for subjects this coming week, we shall see.



January portraits 4

As you can see, I haven't found the photo of my grandmother yet, so this last week of January is a mishmash of interesting faces.

For February I go back to nature I think. At least: to the garden.


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I had 2 sets of postcards printed of my daily watercolours.

Set 1 consists of 6 garden plant 'portraits', set 2 of 6 coastal nature finds.

The sets cost €12,50 each plus postage.

Please let me know if you want to order.


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January portraits 3

This last week I did family portraits.

From my paternal grandfather, via even our budgie, to my little sister.

All week I have been looking for a photo I must have somewhere of my maternal grandmother, already a widow, in the garden with her four young children.

She was the only grandparent beside my grandpa on whose lap I have sat as a baby.

I have no memories of her.

And my grandad died when I was a toddler.

It is strange to realise how little experience I have with grandparents, now I am a grandmother myself!



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January portraits 2

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