At the 'Boschplaat' nature reserve

At the 'Boschplaat' nature reserve, acrylics on cardboard 21 x 30 cm.


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Outside the dike

Outside the dike, acrylics on cardboard 21 x 30 cm


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Sunset on the beach, acrylics on cardboard 24 x 30 cm


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View at 'De Walvis'

View at 'De Walvis' (The Whale cafe), acrylics on cardboard 20 x 24 cm


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On top of a dune

On top of a dune, acrylics on cardboard 20 x 24 cm


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Beach and dike

Two more small island landscapes in acrylics.


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Tiny poaching pears, bought by the side of the road.

First paint them, then peel them, which will be a lot of work, as they are smaller than eggs.


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Two new landscapes

Two new small landscapes.

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Moor at Landerum

acrylics on cardboard, 14x18cm

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That was it, July week 2

It's funny: for months I have loved to start the working day with a small still life or nature study, but now all of a sudden it's enough.

'Everything' in the garden has been portrayed, and you have seen parts of most of my little collections.

But more than that, I feel it is getting in the way of other work.

It was a commitment I put upon myself, and now it is time for other things, making new stuff.



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