Objects from my studio 4

These are the last 5 drawings for November. For next week, and so for December, there is only one thing I can do ofcourse (and looking forward to it!): christmas decorations.

Pity December only has 4 weeks...


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In Querido children's book Publishers' spring catalogue the announcement for

'Een krekel in mijn slaapzak', (or 'A cricket in my sleepingbag'), a book of nature poems by Suzanne Weterings that I have just finished the illustrations for.

The book will be out in March 2021.


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Objects from my studio 3

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Objects from my studio 2

This month I draw what I find in my studio: 

both essential tools and small, dear objects accumulated over time.


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New editions

In the mail:

the second edition of Bij ons in het circus (In our circus), and the fourth edition of

Bij ons in de straat (On our street).


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November: objects from my studio

From dining table to workbench:

This month I draw small objects found in my studio.


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Menu of the week 4

This was already the last menu of the week for October.

I'm not yet sure if I will continue this series in November, or start a new one.

But I will definitely keep doing a daily watercolour on instagram, and collect them here weekly.


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Menu of the week 3

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Menu of the week 2: Enjoy your meal

This past week's harvest.


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Menu of the week 1: What's for dinner?

It is such a joy to start each workday with a smaal watercolour, that I find myself making a new series: fruit and vegetables.

Let's see what I find on my plate from now..


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