New book: Voor altijd vandaag

Yesterday the mailman brought a box full of our new book Voor altijd vandaag (Forever today), a book of poems by Koos Meinderts, with my prints.

I had looked forward to this book, and it has turned out beautiful.

Voor altijd vandaag was published by Hoogland en van Klaveren and costs € 17,95


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They're back!

Yesterday, May 2nd, I saw and heard the first swifts.


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Four prints sold by now!

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Special print for Ukraine


I made this print, Het fornuis (the cooker) this month in a very small edition of 7.

I found a photo of this Ukranian farmhouse interior in Inside Houses, a book by photographer Martin Rosswog.


The prints will be sold for the special prize of € 155,50, and all proceeds will go to Vluchtelingenwerk giro 555, for help to refugees.

If you are interested: send me a message and I will give you my bank details. You will receive the print as soon as I have received the money.


The cooker measures 30x42 cm, and is printed on Arches paper 38x57 cm.

€ 155,50 plus postage, unframed.

There are only seven of them, so don't wait too long!


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5th edition 'Bij ons in de straat' (on our street)!

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New book

Yesterday Koos Meinderts and I delivered his texts and my prints for our new book at Hoogland and van Klaveren publishers. 

It is a book of poems and prints, and I can't wait to have it in my hands!

It will be out in late spring.


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Christmas cards

Fresh from the printer's!

A new set of six cards featuring christmas ornaments that I drew last december.

You can order the sets by sending me an email with your name and adress, plus the number of sets you would like to receive.

€15,- per set of 6, including envelopes and postage.


There are also still a few of the sets of nature cards left for € 12,50 each.


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At the 'Boschplaat' nature reserve

At the 'Boschplaat' nature reserve, acrylics on cardboard 21 x 30 cm.


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Outside the dike

Outside the dike, acrylics on cardboard 21 x 30 cm


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Sunset on the beach, acrylics on cardboard 24 x 30 cm


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