January portraits 3

This last week I did family portraits.

From my paternal grandfather, via even our budgie, to my little sister.

All week I have been looking for a photo I must have somewhere of my maternal grandmother, already a widow, in the garden with her four young children.

She was the only grandparent beside my grandpa on whose lap I have sat as a baby.

I have no memories of her.

And my grandad died when I was a toddler.

It is strange to realise how little experience I have with grandparents, now I am a grandmother myself!



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January portraits 2

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January portraits

This month I draw a little daily portrait, just from a photo, just because I like the face.

I find them in old magazines, photobooks or on the internet.

The people can be long dead, or still very much alive.

This week I even portrayed myself at three years old.


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Christmas harvest 5

That's it for the christmas drawings.

The new year has begun, the christmas tree can be dismantled.

On the 18th of March I started doing my daily drawings, as a way of coping with these strange times during covid.

After 100 days I thought that was surely it, but as covid thought otherwise, I picked up again in September, during a working holiday on the island of Terschelling.

And so now here we are in 2021, the last series of christmas ornaments is finished, and I have about a month's worth of empty pages in my current sketchbook.

I drew from nature, from my kitchen cupboard and from my studio, and if I can think of another theme, I will surely continue.

IT turned out to be a lovely way to start my workday.



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Christmas harvest 4

I find I have a lot of cribs!

Most were presents, but the wooden one of 25-12-2020 we bought ourselves a long time ago in a toy museum in Drenthe, in the north of the Netherlands.


Merry christmas everyone, and have a great 2020!


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Christmas harvest 3

This whole week I have drawn angels from my mothers large collection, that I inherited.

Some angels I have left at places where I hoped they would be found and appreciated, but I still have many of them here.


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Christmas harvest 2

This week: from an exhausted Father Christmas to a glass trumpet.


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Christmas harvest 1

These five can now go on the tree!

Plenty more to come...

The clothespin angel I made myself, and I have more for sale at €7,50.

If you would like one for your own tree, please let me know.

Here are some examples:

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Sneak preview

Who are they all looking at?

All will be reveiled soon, as the illustrations for a new picturebook by Koos Meinderts and myself is already at Hoogland & van Klaveren publishers.

The book is planned for early 2021.


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