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Yet More May

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Monday hero: Tilman Michalski II

As I said last week, I have had this series Monday hero since november 2015.

I started with one of my favourite illustrators: the German artist Tilman Michalski.

Michalski not only makes beautiful illustrations, but also fabulous objects in painted sheet metal.

He also makes books with his wife full of handicraft projects , and shows projects on his website.

By now I think this series has run its course, and I see no fitter way than ending (for now?) with a tribute to Tilman Michalski.


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More May

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The Koos Meinderts School in The Hague have had a beautiful mural made in the playground, picturing the houses from Bij ons in de straat (On our street).

(I had rather wished for the Annette Fienieg Gymnasium, but this is much better!)


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Monday hero: Jules de Bruycker

I have had this series , Monday hero, since november 2015, and sometimes I think I won't have a subject that week. 

But always in the end I come across the work of some interesting artist.

This week it is the Belgian artist Jules de Bruycker (1870-1945), an outstanding draughtsman and etcher.


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First 6 flowers of May

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In front of the Janskerk here in Utrecht, there is a small statue of Anne Frank.

Almost always when I pass it, someone has put flowers at the base or in her arms.

Koos Meinderts wrote a poem about this, that I translated roughly:



In the square

stands Anne,

Anne Frank in bronze


Anne Frank receives fresh flowers.

Anne is one of us.

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Monday hero: Peter Vos II

After the beautiful book Mussenlust, with 150 drawings of sparrows by Peter Vos, Muller Publishers has now published another jewel: a fascimile of Vos' bird watching diary.

The pictures above don't do it justice, it is gorgeous.

Peter Vos was by far the best draughtsman I know.

Both books can be ordered at


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Last flowers for April

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