Monday hero: Stuart Pearson Wright

On the internet I came across the portrait of the old lady above right, by Stuart Pearson Wright (1975). I like it immensely, and looked up more work by Pearson Wright.

I found more than enough! Some of it a bit too cartoonesk to my liking, but most are beautiful, and painted with compassion for the sitter.

In 2000 Pearson Wright won the prestigious BP Portrait Award.


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Monday hero: Jon KLassen

Whenever we receive mail from our publisher, Hoogland & van Klaveren, there is a card with it with an image from Sam & Dave dig a hole by jon Klassen.

Klassen (1981) is a Canadian writer and illustrator.

His illustrations seem deceptively simple. But there is a wealth of emotion in this simplicity.

And what beautiful colours and textures!

I wanted to show much more of his work, but had to restrain myself.

But please look it up for yourself!


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Monday hero: David Gentleman

I know the work of British artist and illustrator David Gentleman (1930) primarily through his stamp designs, and through the cover of the penguin pocketbook Plats du Jour , one of my favourite covers of all time.

Turns out he made beautiful watercolours and prints besides, and even a mural in the London underground.

He also wrote and illustrated a series of travel books on amongst others Italy and India.

I love his work!


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Monday hero: Hellen van Meene

What great photographers we have here in Holland! 

Rineke Dijkstra, Hendrik Kerstens, Marco Duyvendijk to name but a few. And this one:

Hellen van Meene (Alkmaar 1972)!

She makes beautiful portraits of adolescent girls, gracious in their somewhat awkward bodies.

The series with dogs also has a friendly kind of humor.

What a beautiful way to start the week!


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Reinaert the Fox

Out now: De schelmenstreken van Reinaert de Vos, written by Koos Meinderts, illustrated by 19 different illustrators, published by Hoogland & van Klaveren, Hoorn.


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Monday hero: Stanley Roy Badmin

I think it's the time of year. 

I am an anglophile at the best of times, but around this time I sort of crave the English landscape.

It seems to be made for autumn, and -later on- snow.

Stanley Roy Badmin (1906-1989) captured it brilliantly in his watercolours, that I am now going to delight in at my leasure.


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Book presentation

Photos of Marjolijn Hof and me at yesterday's presentation of Lepelsnijder at the children's bookshop in Amsterdam.


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Look closely...

...there really are two copies of our little golden book Bobbies berenfeest in the christmas window display at the Bijenkorf!


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Here at last!

Last night my copies of Lepelsnijder (Spoon carver) arrived. Written by Marjolijn Hof, with illustrations by me. I hope it will soon be translated!

It looks beautiful, thanks to Leentje van Wirdum for the design.

Published by Querido, Amsterdam, € 15,99


Monday hero: Norbertine Bresslern-Roth

I am fascinated by the work of the Austrian artist Bresslern-Roth (1891-1971) as I have just about finished work on a print of a sheep's head.

Bresslern-Roth was a master in capturing animals in linocut.

For every colour, more of the image is cut away, so you start cutting away what needs to be left white.

My print isn't a linocut but a template print, but the process is similar.

And I haven't yet seen a print from her with a sheep, but I can learn a lot from Bresslern-Roth!


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