Pakje Kunst (Art Packet)

I first saw Pakje Kunst (or Art Packet) in Berlin, where there was an old cigarette machine in the Florastrasse, near where we were staying, that delivered little boxes containing tiny original artworks, complete with information about the artist.

Whose work you get is random. 

It is a nice easy way to get aquainted with new artists.

And so, when I found out we had them in Holland as well, I applied immediately.

Last friday I delivered 40 tiny prints (fragments of proofs from my bigger prints) to go in the machine at the Stayokay here in Utrecht.

So, soon you will be able to collect one of my 'works' there!

I am not sure if they have these schemes in other countries.


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And the last ones...

For 100 days I have drawn portraits of plants and put them on Instagram, and here on my website.

Almost always it was a plant picked freshly that morning. Sometimes, when there was too little time, I posted drawings I had done before.

It surprises me to see that more than three quarters of the plants really came from my own garden! Weeds included ;-)

This series stops here, but no doubt there will be more plant-portraits now and then.


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More June flowers

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Another six flowers!

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Oliver in today's paper

Pjotr van Lenteren, the children's book critic in today's Volkskrant newspaper is not keen on Tiny Fisscher's adaptation of Dickens' Oliver Twist.

Unfortunately he doesn't even mention my illustrations at all.

Oliver Twist was published last week by Volt publishers, Amsterdam.


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Six more flowers

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First flowers of June

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Oliver is out now!

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Last flowers of May

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More mayflowers

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