Monday hero: Harald Wiberg

It is almost christmas, so I immerse myself fully in the atmospheric work of the Swedish artist and illustrator Harald Wiberg (1908-1986).

If there is one country that is made for christmas, it must be Sweden: snow, firs, red painted houses, and on top of that the house gnome Tomte!

And nobody could depict it all better than Wiberg.


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    Michelle (zaterdag, 05 december 2020 17:48)

    The one picture of the red house is by Lennart Helje :) Another favorite of mine. (came here searching for Wiberg Tomten paintings.

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    Annette Fienieg (zaterdag, 05 december 2020 20:20)

    I now don't understand how I could have missed that signature!
    I have removed it, as you can see.